Everything teams need to work securely and efficiently from anywhere

nuutok provides your customers with secure network access, cloud workspace, and remote assistance and monitoring—all  integrated in a smart platform that brings people, tools and content together.

Offer your customers more than you ever thought possible

All you need to simplify business IT

Say goodbye to the legacy hardware of the past and discover the benefits of our secure services for the remote workforce.

Network Secure Access Services Edge (SASE)

Secure access to their business network and tools from anywhere.

Secure collaborative cloud storage and backup services

Allow their teams to store, protect, backup, manage, share and track their data easily and collaborate more efficiently.

Remote assistance and supervision

Assistance and supervision of their teams from anywhere directly on their devices.

All the tools you need to make running an IT service business effortless

Our integrated platform gives you a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently manage, monitor and maintain your customers’ IT services from anywhere—all from a user friendly and insightful dashboard—so that you and your techs know where to focus your time.


Sébastien Montminy

Gestion informatique PC

In addition to a 30% annual increase in my turnover and the recurring revenue model from a business clientele, nuutok allows me to build a solid relationship with each of my clients by providing them with reliable, flexible and efficient IT services.

Remote work and office work can be so much simpler

No more manual configuration. No more hours of setup. Get rid of the complexity and costs of traditional IT and harness the power of our unique cloud platform.

Secure and simple access

Your team can use their own devices, their office computers or even both together.

Use your existing office applications and tools

Keep using your office applications (ERP, accounting, CAD, etc.) securely from anywhere.

Supercharge your folders, file transfers and document signatures

No more headaches transferring large files, tracking attachments, file versions and multiple signature processes through endless emails.

Team collaboration, anytime, anywhere

Organize and share your team content, url, web links and collaborative tools.

Support and supervise your team easily from anywhere

Go way beyond simple screen sharing and assist your team directly on their PC like you were sitting next to them.

Peace of mind

Access everything through secure business VPN, protect your passwords and sensitive data using data encryption, protect your business from cryptojacking, use one-click file history to recover specific file versions, etc.

Do you need a fast and secure remote work solution?

nuutok is the perfect answer for businesses and organizations.

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