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nuutok Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions

IT is great when things are going smoothly. Software, files, networks for transmitting data can handle the numerous day-to-day activities of an organization—and nobody gives it a second thought.

The problems begin when IT stops working. When the data flow gets disrupted, major issues arise and business efficiency is compromised.

The impact of data loss due to factors, such as a natural disaster, malware, hacking, software corruption etc., could be disastrous. This is where nuutok Smart Private Cloud ensures the recovery of your data and redundancy of your 
IT Infrastructure, thereby ensuring your business continuity.

Cyber criminals get more sophisticated every day and cybersecurity has to evolve constantly. It is difficult to stay on top of the latest trends for attacks 
and newest prevention technology. Nevertheless, your business depends on it. nuutok Smart Private Cloud embeds the best technologies to provide robust protection to your data and business.  

nuutok is your best cybersecurity ally. To win the battle, it is also essential to involve your whole team and make cybersecurity a top priority.

Stopping a disaster before it ever happens is the best way to ensure your business continuity.

Cybersecurity: The first step to seamless business continuity

It’s easy to think that because you have a small business, cybercriminals will pass over attacking your company. The “not much to steal” mindset is common with small business owners when they think about cybersecurity. In reality, most of cyber attacks happen at businesses with less than 100 employees, 
which means many businesses are targets.

Most cyber attacks are carried out to obtain personal data to use in credit card or identify fraud. Some attacks are based on ransomware. While larger companies have more data to steal, small businesses typically have less secure networks, making it easier to breach their networks. By using automated attacks, cybercriminals can breach thousands or more small businesses, making the size less of an issue than the network security.

Lack of time, budget and expertise for proper security is a top reason for the high rate of SME attacks. nuutok Smart Private Cloud addresses this reality with a robust solution tailored specifically to help SMEs protect their data—all while saving both time and money.

Linux Ubuntu-basedserver operating system (nuuEdge Cloud OS)

Each nuutok Smart Private Cloud is comprised of its own exclusive Linux Ubuntu-based servers (nuuEdge Cloud OS). Ubuntu is secure by default:

  • User programs run with low privileges and cannot corrupt the operating system or other users' files.
  • Most network ports are closed by default to prevent hacking.
  • A built-in firewall allows end users who install network servers to control access.
  • Ubuntu compiles its packages using features that greatly increase security.
  • Ubuntu also supports full disk encryption as well as encryption of the home and private directories.

Decentralized security for each nuutok Smart Private Cloud

As opposed to other clouds or solutions out there, in nuutok, all users, data, applications and system parameters are contained and managed separately and exclusively within each private cloud server. No proprietary data is stored or managed centrally. This prevents someone from maliciously accessing multiple private clouds should they manage to hack a single server.

VPN Secure networking

nuutok provides all customers with secure remote access, remote Desktops, VNC, and full networking management. Everything is included in our turnkey services.

nuutok’s fully integrated networking solution provides both local and remote network connectivity. Networking is ensured locally in case the Internet goes down; users can always work on their local networks, no matter what.

ZFS Secure file system

ZFS has a number of features that no other file system in production has, such as state-of-the-art data reliability from end to end and data encryption.

nuutok customers can easily add a layer of protection for their data using our nuutok server encryption technology, which is based on ZFS. This prevents thieves from hacking data if they manage to run away with a private cloud server.

Password management with KeePass

KeePass stores usernames, passwords, and other fields, including free-form notes and file attachments, in an encrypted file that is stored in its respective private cloud server.

While small businesses often operate by word of mouth and intuitional knowledge, cybersecurity is one area where it is essential to standardize processes.

Secure apps for mobile devices

With businesses increasingly allowing BYOD, it is essential to include these devices in a cybersecurity solution.

All nuutok apps use a secured VPN connection to remotely access the data on your servers. Any user with valid credentials for a server can remotely access data using the nuutok mobile app installed on any device.

It is a simple and efficient way to ensure all users have seamless access to automatic security updates and respect the company’s password policy for all mobile devices that use the nuutok Smart Private Cloud.

Business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR): When a disaster strikes, retrieving data is crucial for business continuity

While it’s important to prevent as many attacks as possible, it is still possible to be breached regardless of your precautions.

When a disaster strikes, retrieving data is crucial for business continuity, plain and simple. Therefore, it is an urgent necessity to have all data, especially critical data, backed up. Again, if the back-up is only on an on-site computer, if the hard disk fails or the production site is wiped out due to a disaster, the data will be lost and the business will be in major trouble. Unfortunately, too many businesses are still setup this way.

A disaster recovery (DR) solution that is always ready

The nuutok DR system is always running so that you can use or test it whenever you need to. You can easily recover a specific version of any lost or corrupted file in one click. You can also revert quickly to your alternate private cloud server (in an off-site premises) should a disaster strike your organization.

RTO or Recovery Time Objective

This defines how much time can elapse from the moment of the disaster until the business functions again. The longer the time span, the greater the loss in revenues.

RPO or Recovery Point Objective

To what point of time does the business go back to recover data in the case of a disaster? What quantum of work and/or transactions can be lost without it affecting business continuity? Lower times for RTO and RPO usually entail a higher cost for DR solutions. Therefore, the company must balance the cost involved with business continuity needs.

With nuutok, businesses can keep costs to reasonable levels without limiting the scope of their DR plan or having to focus only on core business activities. DR of the data and networks are integrated and automated in nuutok in order to ensure quick and easy business continuity with the shortest RTO/RPO times.

nuutok data protection in three steps

nuutok Smart Private Cloud ensures your data is protected following these three critical steps.

Business and mission-critical data is archived and backed up at frequent intervals and optionally in real time when using nuutok INFRA.

Data back-ups are created and managed on a reliable private cloud platform. For each business, its data is copied and stored onto a dedicated and exclusive back-up server located in an off-site premises of its choice.

Backed up data is available to staff with proper authorization and can only be accessed using the proper credentials.

nuutok file restore with ZFS Snapshots

Using ZFS instantaneous read/write snapshots, nuutok provides users with a user-friendly file restore feature. A specific version of a file can be restored quickly and easily from its record history.

Using and advanced file and storage space management system based on AI algorithms, nuutok ensures optimal back-ups of word processing documents, electronic spreadsheets, databases, financial files, human resources files, and accounts receivable/payable files, and so on.

nuutok Smart Synch: Peer-to-peer automated synchronization

nuutok Smart Synch provides businesses with the shortest and most cost effective RPO/RTO.

nuutok Smart Private Cloud is set up using two on-premise servers: one primary server that is usually located at a business’ headquarters and the other as a backup server (full crash recovery) located in an off-site facility selected by the business.

Synchronization between the primary server and the backup server is ensured via a secured peer-to-peer (P2P) connection.

In case of a failure of the primary server, the backup server takes over the functions of the primary server upon receiving instruction from an authorized user login into the backup server to request a changeover.

Two servers located in two separate locations for each organization and an automated secured synchronization process between both servers ensures the best data protection in case of a disaster—and the shortest RTO/RPO times.

nuutok INFRA: Geographically dispersed high availability

For businesses where the high availability of data is mission-critical, nuutok INFRA offers real-time infrastructure redundancy and back-ups of data, through applicative and network load balancing across multiple sites as well as the use of advanced DNS servers’ management processes.

nuutok INFRA is a seamless dedicates IT that is fully and vertically integrated from your HQ to multiple locally distributed/decentralized servers across your whole organization. It integrates with your server files, virtual machines, point-in-time data recovery and back-ups, system recovery, mobility, secured networking, etc.

nuutok Smart Private Cloud: Advantages of public cloud-based business continuity and traditional methods without their downsides

Backing up data in the cloud has become more popular in recent years as it is more cost-effective than traditional methods, such as off-site or on-premise back-up servers, or hard disks.

However, security and privacy are major issues when entrusting critical data to an external party, including public cloud service providers with which you do not have full control. What’s more: business continuity in the public cloud can become quite costly as data storage and performance usage increase.

A recent trend is to move business continuity solutions in private clouds, which is a costly service that only large corporations could afford in the past. However, with nuutok, smaller organizations can now ensure business continuity within their own private clouds and benefit from the shortest RTO/RPO times—all at competitive costs.

Why your organization needs nuutok Smart Private Cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery


Your business can take advantage of its own private cloud business continuity solution—even in remotely located areas. You can also benefit from a wide range of integrated services to serve your unique business needs.

Cost effective

nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud business continuity solution is the most cost-effective and affordable on the market. Companies have the option of customizing their solution using the services they need. As business operations expand, nuutok BCDR can be modified by adding or removing services. In addition, it can be seamlessly hosted in a colocation data center to eliminate the need for expensive off-site production facilities.

Easy back-ups

nuutok is fully automated and ensures continuous back-ups of your data at very short intervals or in real time when using nuutok INFRA. This makes night-time back-ups obsolete.

Easy to restore from 
the cloud

In the event of a disaster, recovery and restoration functions are automated and easily performed. nuutok for business continuity is much more reliable than more conventional backup options, such as tapes, disks or flash drives, that have higher occurrences of data corruption.

Simple access from anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of using nuutok for business continuity is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the event of a disaster. All that is needed is an Internet connection. Of course, security being a major consideration, proper authentication and credentials are required. If your office or production center is out of action, then authorized staff can work from home or any other remote locations. This wide accessibility gives IT staff more time to normalize functions and to ensure business continuity.

The benefits of nuutok-based business continuity cannot cover the entire spectrum of BCDR. A careful analysis must be conducted regarding different disaster scenarios and their respective business impact. After taking all aspects of disaster possibilities into account, a business continuity and disaster recovery plan must be developed. It should be regularly tested for relevance over time. A company’s staff should be adequately regularly trained.

Again, business continuity is a team effort! While nuutok is your best ally to maintain business continuity, it is also essential that your entire team get involved and make it a top priority.

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