A powerful All-in-One IT Service management solution built for techs…and to scale your business

nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses

nuutok All-in-One Management Platform comes standard with any nuutok solution at no extra charge.

Maximize efficiency in your IT service

Whether you’re trying to support more customers with your current staff or you’re just looking for ways to keep more profit, your IT service can always benefit from more efficiency. The nuutok All-in-One Management Platform gives you the power you need to maximize efficiency in your business.

Get rid of the complexity and costs of traditional IT and harness the power of the private cloud infrastructure

nuutok All-in-One Management Platform gives you a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently manage, monitor and maintain your customers’ nuutok private clouds—all from a user friendly and insightful dashboard—so that your techs know where to focus their time.

Manage and support multiple sites with incredible efficiency

As your business scales to hundreds or thousands of devices, you need a powerful remote-monitoring and management tool to help you stay ahead, maximize efficiency, and continuously increase protection.  

Learn how nuutok INFRA can help you handle massive nuutok private cloud infrastructures with minimal hassle and maximum protection.

nuutok Virtual Technician

Drive efficiency with automation

Your technicians can do a lot more in less time with the assistance of nuutok Virtual Technician. Everything, including installation, networking, data protection, monitoring, support and administration is now automated to a whole new level.

Do more than you ever thought possible

  • With nuutok All-in-One Management Platform, your business is boundless. Available as an on-premises or hosted solution, it helps you:
    • Onboard, configure or patch hundreds of devices with powerful automation tools
    • Protect your customers with advanced security solutions
    • Resolve issues faster with information at your fingertips and robust remote support
    • Improve customer uptimes with proactive alerts and self-healing capabilities
    • Monitor and manage Windows, Mac, virtual machines (VMs) and network devices
    • Organize your services and customers in a single interface
    • Customize configurations to meet specific customer needs
    • Improve technician efficiency, customer retention and service margins

Move from Break/Fix to a fully managed model with proactive monitoring and alerting

The monitoring available within nuutok All-in-One Management Platform helps you move away from reactive support to a proactive model by being ahead of your customers.

Know critical issues impacting your end users' performance, connectivity, or the applications they rely on ahead of time—and work proactively to fix them without a minute of customer downtime.

No more juggling multiple pieces of software

Rather than switching between programs, our platform gives you what you need to run an effective business in a single dashboard: outstanding security, network checks, cross-platform support across Windows, Mac, mobile devices and more.
  • Get everything you need, out-of-the-box, to remotely support your clients in one intuitive platform:
    • Management and monitoring of servers, VMs, PCs and devices
    • Management of users and shares
    • Network monitoring and management
    • Backup/restore monitoring and management
    • Management of mission critical applications

nuutok MSP Manager

Deliver outstanding service and manage your team's productivity

nuutok MSP Manager streamlines your IT service management workflow and makes administration a breeze.  

You’re in this business to make money (and provide outstanding IT service). Yet, too often, help desk software eats into profits by tying technicians and engineers up in overhead.

nuutok MSP Manager breaks this pattern by giving you the ability to capture the critical elements you need without bogging you down in minutia. MSP Manager helps you provide value that keeps your clients loyal.

Save time supporting your customers and managing your business

Quick, efficient ticketing

Every non-billable moment a technician/engineer spends adding unnecessary details on a ticket costs your business. And over time, those costs can really add up. MSP Manager provides a quick ticket feature that you can access from any screen whenever you need it. It captures the essential information, like the customer's name and service items as well as the ticket details, then lets you get back to work in seconds. That adds up to radically improved efficiency—and more profit for your business.

Store all customer knowledge

Knowledge management: You can store passwords with nuutok KeePass, procedures, serial numbers, expiration dates, servers, networks, and asset information on each customer’s account.

Contact information: Store information for the contact person at each client location, including name, title, email, and phone number. You can also assign specific engineers to individual customers, helping to ensure that each ticket request is routed to the appropriate technician.

Locations: Enter one or more locations for each client, making it easy for your technicians to travel on site using their smartphones.

Simplify your billing

How long does your staff spend invoicing and billing? A few hours? Days? MSP Manager helps cut down your billing time. It tracks every billable moment, lets you apply the correct contract rates and, when the time comes, makes it simple to batch export invoices directly to your accounting software.

Assign the right technician to the right task

Create, prioritize and manage your teams' assignments. You can create and define skills or certifications for each of your team member. Quickly see who is qualified or not for a task.

Keep on top of your business health with crystal-clear dashboards

As an MSP owner, you don’t have a ton of time to spend sifting through reports and data. However, you do need to stay informed of the health of your operation if you want to stay successful. nuutok MSP Manager provides reports and dashboards that make it easy to get a complete picture of your business without having to decipher complex graphs or spreadsheets.

nuutok CollaboraTeams

Leverage multidisciplinary collaborative teams

Supporting customers often involves working with representatives of different organizations. Deliver the best customer support experience with a team that is entirely on board and works together.

nuutok CollaboraTeams allows you to leverage a team of collaborating stakeholders from different organizations, to efficiently support your customers’ critical day-to-day operations.

Through powerful collaborative tools, all the representatives can easily help each other with tickets and share information so your customers get better and faster results.

nuutok RMM

Everything you need in one dashboard

nuutok Remote Monitoring & Management (nuutok RMM) makes it easy for MSPs to deliver valuable IT services within minutes, not weeks or months. Get the power, integrated features, and built-in protection you need to support and protect your customers from day one.

nuutok Network Manager

Manage all of your customers’ networks

The larger your IT business, the more efficient you have to be. nuutok offers the power, customization, and flexibility to help you manage all of your nuutok client networks with incredible precision and minimal manpower.

To ensure the best endpoint support and protection, nuutok Apps integrate completely with client workstations and devices for full network control and management.

nuutok Backup & Restore Manager

Manage the backup of servers, workstations and documents easily using one platform

nuutok Backup & Restore Manager makes it easy to back up and restore data and full systems across multiple locations. In the event of a disaster, recovery and restoration functions are automated and easily performed.

nuutok Progressive Web App (PWA)

Take advantage of a fast and hassle-free application available on any browser.

nuutok PWA works in any browser and is portable across both desktop and mobile platforms. It does not require separate bundling or distribution.

Your customers seamlessly benefit from "app-like" features, such as:

  • Multiple platform compatibility (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Working offline
  • File transfer through drag-and-drop
  • Taking and saving pictures and videos straight from suitable devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
  • Navigating multiple primary servers and their backups (snapshots)
  • Navigating backup server files with filtering features
  • Restoring backups, files and directories
  • Installing app to home screen
  • Push messaging

nuuWhiz Workstation App

nuuWhiz Workstation App provides seamless auto-mapping of shared folders, auto-configuration of nuutok’s VPN connections, and much more to make everything secure and plug-and-play for users. It is a complete endpoint solution that includes:

  • Server, workstation and VM monitoring
  • User migration from Windows server to nuutok and vice versa and Windows Server session creation
  • Windows/MAC RDP management
  • VNC remote connection
  • PC data file copy
  • Multiple server VPN/VPN+/local connections and server management
  • Share browsing direct access
  • Access to Legacy VPNs, nuutok VPN using client private MikroTik routers

nuutok Store

Server application manager for VMs

Optimize the performance and availability of your customers’ mission-critical applications with nuutok Store. It allows you to remotely launch, run and manage your customers’ VM applications on their nuutok servers.

Quickly and easily let your customer benefit from:

  • Virtualization and decentralized private cloud
  • 10X accelerated business applications and simplified VM management
  • Centralized application management for multiple remote sites
  • Turnkey applications in a flash

nuutok Connect & Support

Remote support designed to be fast and safe

nuutok Connect & Support is built to fit technicians’ natural workflows. This is intended to help you streamline your processes and provide stellar service.

Designed to help IT service providers support more customers via fast, intuitive remote support, it provides secure remote desktop access and support, as well as deep diagnostics from one dashboard while simultaneously connecting to servers and devices.

Secure, reliable computer remote control with nuutok built-in Real VNC and TeamViewer Manager

Connect technicians, customers and devices wherever they are for control, support, administration, monitoring, training, collaboration and more.

Save time and money, increase efficiency, reduce risk and create new business opportunities.

Real VNC and TeamViewer Manager is a simple, secure, ready-to-use remote access and support tool for all your computers and mobile devices.

nuutok KeePass

Easily adopt and demonstrate best-practice password and documentation management workflows

nuutok KeePass is an integrated, automated password and documentation management solution designed to store, manage, and retrieve customer credentials and privileged client knowledge quickly and securely.

nuutok eLearning and Training Center

nuutok ensures your customer success through your support team’s success with a complete technician training program & knowledge base available online on nuutok eLearning and Training Center.

Make running an IT service business effortless

Get the tools you need to manage, secure, and improve all things IT—all within a single and integrated All-in-One private cloud solution.

Do you need a fast and secure remote work solution?

nuutok is the perfect answer for businesses and organizations.

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