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Smart Private Cloud


The smartest and fastest way to a TRUE Private Cloud

Rather than offer the usual remote “private” cloud storage services, nuutok provides an innovative and cost-effective way to set up businesses with their very own TRUE private cloud solutions on premises.

One platform to deploy, support and manage your on-premise private cloud

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of managing a private cloud. We combine the simplicity of the public cloud, with the security, savings, and control of on-premises hosting. Manage all your private servers with nuutok.  

Install nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud on your servers and control them all through your nuutok console. We've got everything you need in a cloud: from backups to full network functionalities.

Your own Virtual Technician does all the work for you

nuutok’s Virtual Technician, integrated with our SaaS private cloud solution is very flexible, robust and perfectly suited for the SME market. It also provides you with great recurring margins, with no hidden costs or long-term obligation on your part.

Data protection

With nuutok, everything is stored or runs locally on your client’s on-premises private cloud servers. All data is backed up automatically. Nothing is stored is some remote data storage facility. To ensure full protection of your client’s data, nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud is set up on two on-premises servers: one primary server at work and the other as a backup (full crash recovery) server somewhere else. With two physical servers located in two separate locations chosen by each of your clients, and an automated secured synchronization process between both, their data is well-protected.

Run it anywhere

nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud is a technology that enables you to automatically and quickly deploy fully integrated (on-premises) private clouds directly on your customers’ servers and at very competitive costs.

Distributed security

nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud uses a distributed model of security versus the current model in which security is applied centrally in a datacenter or only through a secure gateway. nuutok’s security is managed from each on-premises server and applied to the servers themselves, their deployed local networks and Internet gateways, and the devices connecting each of them.

Remote connectivity

Thanks to nuutok’s total and secure mobility, your clients can access their data from anywhere and on any device using nuutok mobile apps, two-click remote desktop or integrated VPN.

Do you need a fast and secure remote work solution?

nuutok is the perfect answer for businesses and organizations.

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