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nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses

nuutok's mission is to simplify, secure and promote the establishment of technological infrastructures for SMEs, and larger multi-site organizations, with solutions that fill the gaps in cloud computing and traditional servers.

nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses enables SMEs to take advantage of simple, affordable and mobile IT solutions and strives to provide powerful tools that facilitate business productivity.

nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses is a software solution that runs on x86 family computers. X86 systems offer a wider variety of components and are generally less expensive than their competitors.

A hyperconverged solution

Get rid of the complexity and costs of traditional IT. Harness the power of the private cloud.

nuutok is a pioneer in private hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for SMEs. It combines computing, storage, virtualization, data protection, network management and more in a single infrastructure platform. The nuutok Smart Private Cloud for Businesses replaces complex and costly IT infrastructures with simple devices that evolve from one module to another.

Centralize your data

nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses integrates a variety of services for your data - right into your company IT infrastructure

  • Disaster recovery site
    Hosted in a data center or in another site, intelligent automatic replication of the production site:
    • Data
    • Applications
    • Users
  • Data protection
    The production environment is automatically and transparently protected:
    • Backups of virtual servers (snapshots)
    • Replication at the relief site
    • Data encryption
    • Silent detection of corruption and data repair
    • Checking disks
  • Secondary storage
    Storage integrated in production infrastructure:
    • Data backups
    • Data archiving
    • Easy interface to recover the files

Store your files

Enjoy simple, flexible, and intelligent enterprise file storage designed for the cloud age.

nuutok ZFS offers high availability, massive scalability, simple self-service management, and auto-tuning and self-repair features right from the start. Deploy it as a standalone solution or part of your business cloud.

  • Client or subcontractor shareable folder
  • Employees
  • Remote work employee

Protect your data

Enjoy the best data protection and recovery

nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses provides storage options for all your needs, no matter how much data you need to back up or if you require extra protection for your data from hackers and human error.

Primary storage

Secondary storage

Data backups:

  • Automatic
  • Transparent
  • Frequency 15 minutes
  • Automatic archiving
  • Simplified recovery

Protect your critical applications

Take advantage of the best replication for resuming business activities in the event of a disaster

Eliminate the complexity and costs traditionally associated with disaster recovery without adding to your infrastructure. The nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses ensures continuous availability of your critical applications in the event of a disaster or planned shutdown of your production infrastructure.

Production site

Disaster relief site


  • Automatic
  • Transparent
  • Frequency 60 minutes
Ready for mobility

Take advantage of a range of applications for your mobile devices and for telecommuting

nuutok's mobile and telework apps use an integrated secure connection (VPN) to access your data remotely.

  • Local network
  • Remote office
Centralize the management of your computer network

Orchestrate your computer network

The exclusive, centralized network infrastructure of the nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses allows you to deploy, support and manage all of the components of your network directly on site or remotely.

Connections to the disaster relief site are automated and seamless. The easy-to-use interface allows you to create a secure connection for teleworking in just a few clicks.

Integrated secure local and remote network

Your business needs reliable IT to run its business

nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses would not be complete without integrated and centralized management of your company's IT network.

IT infrastructure of the company

Secure connection (VPN)

Several features are available such as:

  • Secure access to your computer network (VPN)
  • The ability to take control of a remote computer (VNC)
  • Remote network management and configuration

Some facts about VPNs

nuutok private cloud for businesses includes all of this fully automatically

Enhanced security

When you connect to the network via a VPN, the data is secure and encrypted. This way, important information is kept far from the eyes of hackers.

Remote access

The great advantage of having a VPN is that the information is accessible remotely, even from home or from any other location. This is why a VPN can increase productivity within a company.

Shared files

A VPN service can be used if you have a group that needs to share data for a long time.

Best performance

Once a VPN solution is implemented, bandwidth and network generally increase efficiently.

Reduced costs

Once a VPN network is created, the maintenance costs are very low. In addition, if you choose a service provider, network configuration and monitoring is no longer a problem.

Benefit from the best networking components

Your network security is assured with the integration of MikroTik components.

nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses integrates MikroTik* network components. The easy-to-use interface is accessible through your server, allowing you to easily assign users who need secure access (VPN) to your local network.


MikroTik RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT-US  

hAP AC RouterBoard | Dual concurrent triple chain 2.4/5GHz AP, 802.11ac/a/n/b/g, Five Gigabit Ethernet ports, PoE-out on port 5, SFP, USB for 3G/4G support or storage

*Google data centers use MikroTik equipment

    Run your mission critical applications

    Optimize the performance and availability of your mission-critical applications

    Provide your critical applications with the architecture they need to fuel your business growth. nuutok private cloud for businesses solution allows you to run your applications on virtual servers (VMs).

    • Critical applications
      nuutok Smart Private Cloud Solution allows you to run all your applications on virtual servers (VM), such as:
      • MS SQL Server
      • Acomba applications
      • Symbiose ERP
      • SAP
      • IoT applications
    • Encrypted primary storage
      • Production data
    • Encrypted secondary storage
      • Backups Archiving
    Supervize your computer network

    Get an overview of your computer network in real time

    nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses integrates a tool that allows you to view in detail the activity on your computer network, such as CPUs, memory usage, disk I/O, network interfaces (bandwidth, packet, error ...), connections to the firewall, processes ...

    Up to 10X faster

    Benefit from robust and proven technology

    nuutok nuuEdge Cloud operating system

    Installed directly on your physical server, this operating system developed specifically for the nuutok Smart Private Cloud for businesses, optimizes the use of your computer's resources.

    This architecture sets the new standard for reliability, performance and support in the market.

    nuutok | KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)

    This technology, based on an x86 architecture, allows you to run your critical applications on virtual servers. It is possible to simultaneously run several virtual servers running under different operating system, such as Linux or Windows.

    Each virtual server has private virtualized hardware, including the network card, hard disks, graphics card, etc.

    nuutok | QEMU - High-performance virtualization

    This open-source technology emulates computers designed for x86, server and integrates PowerPC, 64-bit POWER, S390, 32-bit and 64-bit ARM and MIPS architectures.

    The emulation of a computer achieves performance similar or better to that of a physical computer.

    nuutok | ZFS Linux

    This technology simplifies storage management, which can reach a record volume of 16 exabytes. It offers intelligent performance to ensure data integrity and many features, such as:

    • Silent detection of corruption and automatic repair of data
    • Data integrity even in the event of a breakdown
    • Rebuilding online drives in a fraction of the time
    • Real-time disc verification
    • Deduplication and automatic data compression
    • Automatic management of block size
    • Constant indexing of data in real time

    Backup and disaster recovery terminology

    Business continuity

    The ability of an organization to ensure that its essential operations and functions are not severely affected by planned or unplanned incidents that take systems offline. nuutok's Business Continuity includes data protection and disaster recovery.

    Data protection

    The process of protecting important information from corruption, compromise or loss. nuutok Data Protection includes the resilience of local clusters (replication factor RF, snapshot, cloning, self-repair) and integrated backup according to the 3-2-1 rule: at least three copies of data in two different places, at least one off site.

    Disaster recovery (DR)

    The ability to restore critical IT functionality through the implementation of tools, policies and procedures, restoring the vital functioning of the business. Orchestration may require multiple levels of automation to ensure success in a timely manner (for example, recovery planning and automation roadmap). nuutok's DR solutions offer integrated services that are simple, affordable and secure.


    The process of creating a copy of the data. Traditionally, this is an occasional copy. Full backups (all data is copied) with regular—often nightly—and incremental backups that only copy data that has changed since the previous backup.

    Data copy management

    The process of minimizing and managing the number of copies of each data object. Data protection and other activities can lead to the creation of a considerable number of copies of data and the consumption of excessive storage capacity. Technologies, such as snapshots and clones can dramatically reduce the number of full copies.

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