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Your smart private cloud to manage and access your data simply


A Private Cloud Storage options for all your needs, no matter how much data you need to back up.


Data protection against hackers and human error. Finally a "Smart" Private Cloud solution.


Automated and secure data synchronization on your backup server for quick and easy recovery from hardware failures.


Automated remote access to your data from computers and laptops - including secure access from your iOS or Android mobile device.


Keep control of your data at all times.

Thanks to nuutok’s turnkey solution you’re in perfect control of your company's data. We add the “Smart" into the Private Cloud Solution.

nuutok contributes to business success

Johanne Bélanger

Information Technology and IT Projects Director, CRAAQ | March 2020

Our investment in nuutok quickly paid for itself in these pandemic days. Guillaume and I were very proud to be able to offer the service to all our users in one click! And, it is thanks to nuutok that nothing will be disturbed in our work organization and our current technological deliveries.

Alexandre Massicote

Vice President, Administration, Massicotte Financial Group | August 2018

Our starting conditions: encrypted data at the source, quick access for collaborative work and automatic backups on physical media. nuutok, a Quebec company, is the only one to offer it all to us. Choosing nuutok Private Cloud was an excellent business decision.

Luce Vachon

Owner Beauce Sports | August 2018

The nuutok private cloud servers are by far the best servers we have purchased and used. Not to mention their customer service, the best there is!

An integrated and secure private cloud solution for the SMEs

With nuutok, every customer is in full control of their business data with an estimated 90% reduction in time spent managing data backups. Based on time savings alone we estimate a 100% ROI annually using nuutok.

  • Meets all data retention needs.
  • Enables you to control your data in your own private cloud.
  • Provides access to data and management software everywhere as if you were in the office.
  • Offers a faster and safer experience than the big boys clouds .

« nuutok allows me to have access to my data at all times and not to worry about losing important data on my clients.»

A Private Cloud Solution with a Military background

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