Finally, a solution that delivers on the true promises of the cloud, without any of its drawbacks



No "mystery cloud", no security breaches. With nuutok, everything belongs to you, everything is under your control, everything is simple.

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Within your staff or with external players. Allow specific people to securely access specific files across multiple nuutok servers. Truly collaborative.

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nuutok automatically backs up your data

nuutok is sold in kits of 2 on-premises servers, one primary server at work and the other as a backup somewhere else. So, with 2 physical servers located in 2 separate locations of your choice, and an automated secured synchronization process between both, you’re done saying « I can’t, I’m backing everything up » on a friday night.

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Thanks to its total and secure mobility, with nuutok you can access your data from anywhere and on any device using nuutok Mobile Apps.

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Our technology
Plug & Play

Setup is quick and easy with an integral experience. Point in time data recovery and backup, system recovery, mobility, secured networking, etc.
Virtual Machine

Enjoy a consistent and reliable environment to support the IT systems used by your staff. An advantage that reduces maintenance costs and minimizes problems and wasted time.
Remote management

Monitoring, alerting & push notifications. Our custom tool tells you when the backups were done and shares other crucial information.

Our products

Security, mobility and reliability for the right price.

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Bulletproof Storage.
Ideal data storage solution for public sector organizations, and for SMBs such as medical offices, law firms, accountant offices, consulting agencies, financial advisors, insurance brokers and more.

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Mighty Virtual Machine.
Perfect to run the many server applications used in your manufacturing, engineering and construction businesses, design firms, retail and supply stores, IoT machines and so on.

Available for purchase or leasing

nuutok Ultra bundle

Retail and supply chains, businesses with multiple offices or work sites, software developers with numerous decentralized clients, industrial IoT, distributed networks, etc.

nuutok Gamma

From CAD $32,750

Puts at the command of a few simple clicks an IT infrastructure system only companies with mid to big IT departments can usually exploit. Easily and safely deploy upgrades, do migrations, manage and support customers system via controlled rollouts, safety-net VMs, etc. with our centralized VM image management.

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Secure storage: nuutok Land Cloud VS "mystery cloud"

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Mobility - File Access on Smart Device    
File Sharing    
Ease of Setting up    
Ease of Use    
Native File Compatibility    
File Download Speed    
Offline File Access    
Complete Solution      

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