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Secure access for everyone. Store and manage your data your way. Accelerate your applications. Manage and support everything easily and centrally.

All you need to simply your IT.

All the tools to work securely and efficiently from anywhere

Network Secure Access Service
Secure Cloud Storage and Backup Services
Managed Services Support Platform

Private or local business needs.

nuutok Enterprise Private Cloud Pack with local network management, local data storage with automated backups, crash recovery, integrated virtualization and so much more.

Business IT and security can be so much simpler

One platform to simplify your IT

No more manual configurations. No more hours of setup. Fully secure your most valuable resources using our unique hybrid cloud platform.

Remote work is here to stay. Is your network secure?

nuutok Network Secure Access Services

Say goodbye to the legacy hardware of the past and discover the benefits of our leading nuutok Network Secure Access Service.

Deploy your network in minutes—not days. Instantly deploy secure cloud gateways, create multi-site networks, and install client applications with our single-click interface.

Gain complete network visibility. Easily manage team settings and view employee network access all in one place. Ensure secure access to any and every resource, whether based on-premise or in the cloud.

Quickly scale without limits. There are no boundaries in the cloud. Our nuutok Essentials service eliminates the need for expensive external hardware installations, so that you can scale your network quickly and cost-effectively. We ensure your network has high reliability and availability at all times.

Store, access, and share your files in one secure place

nuutok Secure Cloud Storage & Backup Services

Store any and every file. Access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices. Control how files are shared.

With centralized administration, data loss prevention, and nuutok Vault, you can easily manage users and file sharing to help meet data compliance needs. nuutok Private Cloud storage and backup is also available as a standalone offering, with nuutok Enterprise.

nuutok All-in-One
Management Platform

Learn moreAll-in-One Management Platform

nuutok All-in-One Management Platform comes standard with any nuutok solution and is offered at no extra charge to our partners. With nuutok All-in-One Management Platform, everything is done remotely and highly automated.

Additional solutions available with nuutok Enterprise

nuutok Enterprise Private Cloud Pack with local network management, local data storage with automated backups, crash recovery, integrated virtualization and so much more.

One platform to deploy, support and manage your private clouds—from anywhere.

nuutok Enterprise takes the guesswork out of managing a complete private cloud infrastructure. It combines the simplicity of the public cloud with the security, savings, and control of on-premise infrastructure. Manage all your private clouds with nuutok Enterprise.

Install nuutok Enterprise Private Cloud on your servers and control them all through your nuutok console. We've got everything you need in a cloud: from crash recovery backups to full network functionalities.

Protect your business before
and after a disaster strikes

nuutok Enterprise Private Cloud ensures your data is protected following these three critical steps.

Business and mission-critical data is archived and backed up at frequent intervals and optionally in real time when using nuutok INFRA.

Data back-ups are created and managed on a reliable private cloud platform. For each business, its data is copied and stored onto a dedicated and exclusive back-up server located in an off-site premises of its choice.

Backed up data is available to staff with proper authorization and can only be accessed using the proper credentials.

Quickly and easily launch your favorite applications on your own nuutok Enterprise servers using the nuutok Store.

  • Virtualization and decentralized private cloud
  • 10X accelerated business applications and simplified VM management
  • Centralized application management for multiple remote sites
  • Turnkey applications in a flash

Windows Server 2019






SAP Business One

Inventory Management


Accounting Software




Property management Software


Auto-repair Software

Posera (Maitre’D)















Bug Tracking





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nuutok contributes to business success

Alexandre Massicote

Vice President, Administration, Massicotte Financial Group | August 2018

Our starting conditions: encrypted data at the source, quick access for collaborative work and automatic backups on physical media. nuutok, a Quebec company, is the only one to offer it all to us. Choosing nuutok Private Cloud was an excellent business decision.

Luce Vachon

Owner Beauce Sports | August 2018

The nuutok private cloud servers are by far the best servers we have purchased and used. Not to mention their customer service, the best there is!

A Private Cloud Solution 
with a Military background

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