ZFS Linux

ZFS Linux

Ubuntu server and Linux servers in general compete with otherUnixes and Microsoft Windows. ZFS is a killer-app for Solaris as it allowsstraightforward administration of a pool of disks—all while giving intelligentperformance and data integrity.


ZFS does away with partitioning, EVMS, LVM, MD, etc. The available disks (of any size) are used to the best of their capacities. Compression can be used to increase bandwidth.

ZFS is 128-bit, meaning it is very scalable (e.g. 16 exabyte limit). Along with its record-setting scalability, it has a number of features that no other file system in production has:

  • State-of-the-art unsurpassed data reliability (including silent corruption detection and automatic data repair, if available) from end to end, thanks to transparent checksums in parent block pointers;
  • Elimination of the RAID5 write hole that usually requires battery-powered disk technology or UPS technology to keep RAID arrays consistent in case of power failures;
  • Online array reconstruction/reassemble in a fraction of the time usually required to reconstruct an array, thanks to reconstruction dependent on contents rather than on disk topology;
  • Online check (scrub) and online resilver of faulty disks to verify and preserve the validity of on-disk data in case of silent disk data corruption; and,
  • Automatic deduplication and compression of data, selectable per volume or filesystem according to the administrator’s policy.

ZFS achieves its impressive performance through a number oftechniques:

  • Dynamic striping across all devices to maximize throughput;
  • Copy-on-write design makes most disk writes sequential;
  • Multiple block sizes, automatically chosen to match workload;
  • Explicit I/O priority with deadline scheduling;
  • Globally optimal I/O sorting and aggregation;
  • Multiple independent prefetch streams with automatic length and stride detection for maximum streaming performance;
  • Unlimited, instantaneous read/write snapshots; and,
  • Parallel, constant-time directory operations

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