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nuutok is NOT a personal cloud, backup hard drive , home-network-storage-thing…

We don’t want to sound too dramatic or negative, but…

Meet the anti-cloud server!

Nope! nuutok is NOT a hard drive that you need to plug into another computer to get it work. For many reasons, nuutok is different, but here are a few facts to help you better understand exactly what it is:
✓ nuutok is a complete and robust computer server that can run your business software applications 24/7, a hard drive is not;
✓ nuutok is a true easy to use, plug & play, secure data sharing solution, a hard drive is not;
✓ nuutok runs secure back ups of your data and monitors them continuously to ensure everything works properly, a hard drive does not;
✓ nuutok provides you with a secure mobile and remote access to your data, a hard drive does not; and,
the list goes on and on…

Mobile Apps coming soon!

Great Apps for all of your devices

It’s only the beginning

nuutok has worked hard on secure data mobility to make sure you do not have to. While we are proud to make these outstanding applications available to you from the first day of our product launch, rest assured that we have more features and technological add-ons in the oven.
All nuutok Apps require 2gosafe services to establish a secured VPN connection and remotely access the data on your servers. Once a valid 2gosafe subscription is established for a nuutok server, any user with valid access to that server can access their data remotely using the nuutok mobile app installed on any of their devices.
Like the mobile device Apps, the computer Apps provide auto-mapping of share folders and auto configuration of VPN connections to make everything plug & play for the users. Quick and easy!

nuutok mobile apps

Mobile Apps

Soon available for your device. You will find more information and be able to download them in their respective online store.

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Computer Apps

Soon available for your device. You will be able to download them here and follow the few steps required to install them quickly and easily on your computer.

-Mac OS:
nuutok Mac app install


-PC (Windows, Linux):



nuutok NoCloud OS

nuutok NoCloud OS


A single platform for all of your servers

Flexible and versatile.

Affordable, Compatible…It’s that simple!

nuutok NoCloud OS is an advanced server Operating System developed specifically to simplify the operations of on-premises NAS servers for small and medium businesses.

With nuutok NoCloud OS, you can now reduce your total cost of ownership by 35% to 75% with intuitive, user-friendly management, and unprecedented insight into your NAS server performance. Whether it is to standardize the management and operation of a set of different servers, or to simplify the use of the often highly complex servers of our competitors, nuutok NoCloud OS is the perfect tool for the job.

Companies with more specific needs can now get flexible solutions at competitive prices. nuutok NoCloud OS operating system is independent of the hardware used. With the help of nuutok Key conversion kit, it can easily be installed on your pre-existing hardware, or any other computer of your choice. Everything becomes compatible!

Improve both access and security…Yes, both!

Save time and money by keeping your data protected and your team working, with seamless backups, efficient disaster recovery and non-disruptive upgrades.

But nuutok security protection doesn’t stop there. You can easily add a layer of protection on your data using our nuutok server encryption technology, preventing thieves from getting to your data if they manage to run away with your server.

You are also covered against ransomware, the latest trend in data hacking. nuutok backup technology ensures that nobody will deny you access to your own data. Your data is too valuable for those kind of risks.

Recycle to better than new

Yes, no need to waste brand new computer hardware, or any good computer for that matter. Use nuutok NoCloud OS to recycle your existing hardware into a nuutok server. Our NoCloud OS works on almost any modern computer system, so yours should be OK. You can verify here if your hardware is compatible with NoCloud OS.

The future of NoCloud

An overview of what is coming…

Server virtualization and high performance

Without losing ourselves in complex technical concepts, we can tell you that nuutok will continue bringing SMBs amazing data management and sharing technologies with no compromise to security, simplicity and affordability.

And for those of you with an insatiable technical thirst…
The ever demanding growth of databases, network services, collaboration applications, and unified communications has given rise to the need for a more intelligent approach to server
management. Virtualization has now become the most efficient way for organizations to consolidate and run the multiple server applications they need in the data treatment required by their day to day operations.

So, it goes without saying that the next nuutok server model being developed will be designed with intelligent data tiering, high-performance flash storage, and dense hard disk drives for high performance and low latencies across a large capacity. All of that while keeping the reality of SMBs in mind.
Our goal with this future model will be to deliver high performance for all workloads, allowing organizations to run business-critical applications on a self-healing infrastructure that is built for continuous operations.

The future of NoCloud is definitely an exciting one! Stay tuned




Automated and bulletproof data synchronization

Protect your data completely.

Safety and peace of mind

As you know, each nuutok system works in pairs of two private and delocalized NAS servers. Both servers operate in fully automated mirrored synchronization in order to ensure the redundancy of data stored in two separate physical locations. You get to choose who, what and where.
Having this backup server in a different and secure location ensures that if some physical misfortune happens to your primary server at work, your data is safe and readily available in that backup server.
With 2synch*, nuutok mirror synchronization system, the data on your primary server is automatically saved on your backup server located in the secure location of your choice. From A to B without the cloud and without being saved on any of nuutok’s central corporate server.

Intelligent synching

nuutok systems use a secure encrypted channel to sync your files from your primary server to your backup server, ensuring a safe and efficient transfer of data between both servers. In order to minimize bandwidth usage and account for possible network issues during the synchronization process, nuutok uses the best of 3 following channels, depending on the situation:

1 – a direct connection is established when both servers are connected to the same local network, usually on the very first synchronization done between the servers where all the data of the primary server is transferred to the backup server;

2 – a remote peer-to-peer connection is usually established between both servers when they are not located on the same local network; and,

3 – a relay connection through a nuutok gateway is established when a peer-to-peer connection is not possible due to a particular firewall configuration issue on either of the server ends.

nuutok will also minimize bandwidth usage through the smart selective synchronization of only the data content that has changed since the last sync process. No need to transfer the whole content again if it remained the same.

As you see, nuutok uses smart technologies to sync your files safely and efficiently. All day. Every day.

Flabbergasting crash recovery

In case your primary server suffers a failure, all you need to do is replace it with your backup server, that’s all. No need to waste valuable time to copy data, restore the server and so on. Even when the worst happens, you are just minutes aways from your data.

*Additional charges apply. 2synch is enabled through the 2enjoy service plan.




Full mobility with VPN connection to access your data

There’s nothing holding you back. No, seriously.

Extremely mobile. Extremely secure. Extremely easy

Go mobile with 2gosafe**, our comprehensive VPN mobile access service. The flexibility of being totally mobile finally meets the trustworthiness of a standalone network.

nuutok is a team-friendly file sharing tool that lets you stay away from the cloud while being totally connected to your crew. While it’s quite simple to access your server locally on your network, nuutok is the only affordable solution that lets you do it remotely, easily and securely when you’re out of the office or the shop. You can now feel safe sharing over a fully secured connection that offers you access to all your data directly from your private network.

2gosafe is a mobile VPN access available on all nuutok’s servers. Easy to use, adapted to the private LAN security requirements and fully mobile, it’s a local network on-the-go.

For the best possible nuutok experience, find the Mobile App that’s right for your device.

2gosafe service plans

Each 2gosafe service plan includes an unlimited amount of data transfer and an unlimited number of mobile users and registered devices so you don’t have to worry about the details and waste time managing the administrative stuff.
Depending on your team’s requirements, nuutok offers different mobile data transfer speeds through matching service plans that are billed on a monthly basis and that can be adjusted to your ever changing business needs. You can find more details about the pricing of the different 2gosafe mobility service plans in each nuutok product page.

**Additional charges apply. See 2gosafe mobility service plans in each product page.

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24/7 complete monitoring of your servers ensures everything works properly

All you need to do is sit back, relax and… enjoy.

It’s that simple!

nuutok’s 2enjoy*** is our monitoring and control system. You can easily verify your server’s performance and status, receive daily reports, or react to a problem in real time with this invaluable tool.

With nuutok, you can always expect the best and know your are prepared for the worst. Our 2enjoy technology ensures all of your servers’ vital signs are followed closely and analyzed continuously in order to detect any malfunction or undesirable trend. Bad things such as a loss of Internet connection or electrical power to your backup server could go unnoticed for a while, possibly until it’s too late. Trends like approaching the limit of your data storage space or slow data transfer speeds need to be brought to your attention so you can remedy them. Good or bad, your servers’ news travel fast…to you!

Your data, your servers!

For security purposes, no copy of your data will ever be stored in nuutok’s corporate central servers. All your data is stored in your servers, and in your servers only. nuutok’s central servers are there to make sure your own servers and all of your nuutok services run properly. Multiple layers of security are embedded into nuutok technology to prevent any unlawful intrusion in our corporate servers, and even more, in your nuutok servers. Your data is not only protected, it’s virtually invisible to the outside world. We could almost call it nuutok Stealth Technology! Yup!

2enjoy service plan

Each 2enjoy service subscription is valid for one (1) server and includes complete monitoring and alert services for that server. So, you need a subscription for each of your servers, which usually means two (2) subscriptions for a pair of servers in a typical configuration.

As well, the 2synch service is part of the 2enjoy service. In order to run secure backups of your data between your primary and backup servers, both of them must have a valid 2enjoy subscription. That not only enables the backup and synch process, but also ensures that everything works properly in doing so.

You can find more details about 2enjoy service plan pricing on each product page. We have to say that we are pretty proud to offer the best prices on the market for such a complete and unparalleled service, and by 10 folds, at least!

***Additional charges apply. See 2enjoy service plans in each product page.

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