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Computer technicians who have from little to no server expertise can now offer their customers a highly efficient NO-cloud NAS server solution for data storage and file sharing. As a certified retailer, make an extra income with progressive commissions ranging up to 12%* of your sales. A quick and easy way to generate a new revenue while watching your business grow.

Commissions on nuutok sales

12% over $50,000
10% from $25,000 to $50,000
  8% from $10,000 to $25,000
  6% below $10,000

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No more
tear-jerking choices.

Be the first to offer not-cloud-based data sharing solutions accessible on all mobile devices. While it’s praised for its mobility, the cloud is highly vulnerable to hackers and does not support any of the client-server applications commonly used by businesses. This often forces expensive and impractical choices. No more compromises between security and mobility. Offer both, and at a bargain price, with nuutok.

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Secure + Redundant = Different.

Each nuutok system comes with two private and delocalized NAS servers. Both servers operate in fully automated mirror synchronization in order to ensure the redundancy of data stored in two separate physical locations.

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