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nuutok Ultra

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Own your Land Cloud!

Control your data

Your servers cost a fortune and you are considering moving your ERP, CAD, or whole IT to the cloud? But, you really don’t like the idea of storing you data on computers that don’t belong to you and that are not under your control?
We completely agree with you!

nuutok Ultra is a seamless Virtual Machine (VM) server specifically designed for people with too much on their plate to worry about computer shenanigans. Whether you’re busy inventing, designing, building, manufacturing, experimenting, or simply hunting for the meaning of life, nuutok Ultra makes it easy for you.

nuutok VMs are truly plug&play virtual machines that run most production operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. They are completely integrated into nuutok Land Coud environment and they offer an integral experience to everyone using them: server files, virtual machines, point-in-time data recovery and backup, system recovery, mobility, secured networking, etc.

nuutok Ultra
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Run virtually anything.

nuutok Ultra can run multiple virtual machines running unmodified Linux or Windows© images achieving near native performance by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU. With nuutok, you have access to a selection of over 150 curated server applications and development environments that can be installed with one click, locally in your nuutok VM. Those apps work out of the box, with no dependency or compiling worries.

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Easy as 1-2-3!

For those involved in supporting clients and users, nuutok offers a centralized VM image management to easily and safely deploy upgrades, do migrations, etc. via controlled rollouts, safety-net VMs, and other advanced tools. All of those come along with remote management, monitoring and alerting (push notifications) capabilities.

Rethink the cloud,
have it your way!

Own and control your data, and truly reduce the cost of your IT while being totally connected to your crew.

nuutok Ultra is a team-friendly on-premises cloud server that increases your business productivity, personnel mobility and efficiency, and your valuable data security.


Virtual Machines

Supports 1 to 4 VM: Windows©, Linux, Unix

Form Factor

Mini-Tower / Desktop


Supermicro X10SDV


Single-Xeon from 4 to 12 core counts




Hybrid spindle-NVMe, SSD 256GB, 128MB cache

Storage option

4TB to 8TB, 2 x 3.5" Hot-Swap SATA HDD


2xGigabit (i350AM2) and 2x 10GBe SFP+


SOC, true server-grade, 35W to 65W TDP


Front server status indicator


nuutok Ultra

Kit includes

nuutok Ultra server x2
nuutok Ultra bundle

Lease it for as little as $769/month

Leasing plan available on all nuutok Ultra kits.

Free! / month

1 plan applicable to primary server

Server monitoring & control service.

CAD $170.00 / year

CAD $170.00 / year

1 plan applicable to backup server

Server monitoring & control service.

CAD $170.00 / year

CAD $170.00 / year

1 mobility plan required
$290.00 / year

Secure mobile access from anywhere on any device, unlimited users.

CAD $335.00 / year

* In case of multiple recurring amounts, amounts add up after the free trial.

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