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Fully Integrated Private Cloud solutions built for data management, sharing and protection


One-click VPN configuration, allowing the company to extend its network and securely share documents.


Automated Installation of apps like Windows 2019x Server.


Encrypted data and passwords are quickly accessible because they are centrally stored.


Centralize business Applications all in one place. Accessible from home or the office.


Document sharing and centralized files for client work.


Data and business recovery in one click.


A data backup of each users' PCs is available.


Real-time PC and Server health monitoring.

Performance Indicators to determine if your technical services’ automation is sufficient

+3 minutes

Does a Windows 2019 install require more than 3 minutes?

+2 minutes
Remote Desktop

Does a Remote Desktop install require more than 2 minutes?

+10 minutes
Server recovery

Does a server recovery (disaster recovery) take more than 10 minutes?

3 clicks

Do any of the previously mentioned tasks require more than 3 clicks to complete?


nuutok Virtual Technician

Less work, great results, amazing margins.

There is no need for you to work so much to get the job done. nuutok engineers worked hard to create a Virtual Technician that now takes care of all complex and routine tasks for you.

Everything, including installation, networking, data protection, monitoring, support and administration is now automated to a whole new level. All angles are covered to ensure that you and your customers gain peace of mind.

Get all the perks of using your own Virtual Technician:

  • 9x faster deployment

    Deploy nuutok in 30 minutes.
Install applications in less than 10 minutes.
  • 90% less operational tasks

    Automated operational tasks free up your teams.
  • 7x less complex solution

    Virtual Technician is designed for the best customer experience.
  • Simplified support & management

    Fully automated, your systems self-repair. Take advantage of seamless remote support.  Benefit from streamlined IT administration with centralized management.
  • Simplified tasks for IT and Development teams

    Automation of application deployment guarantees simplified management and complete remote control.

nuutokVirtual Technician makes you shine—effortlessly!

nuutok Advantages

Transparent integrations and time/cost savings by using nuutok services

  • Save time and money
  • Continuity of user services without loss of network and customer services ***

*The dollar figures are based on average integrations for a 10 employee company.

**Several hours for another software.

***A second Internet line is needed to make the work on the existing network easier.

3 min (nuutok)*
Quick integration to document sharing capability

Included with nuutok VS purchasing a document sharing software

$2000 savings*
Remote support interface included (VNC)

Included with nuutok VS$50/month/license

$100 savings*
Quick installation of Remote Desktop including teleworking

2 minutes (nuutok) VS 1 hour

10x faster
Improved Performance

Accelerate hardware 10X and increase efficiency

3  min (nuutok)**
Creation and assignment of access privileges by user

Included with nuutok VS configuring a new document sharing software

0 interruption
Simple server migration to a private cloud with no downtime

Rapid benefits of a private cloud, and progressive migration of a company's servers without having to interrupt existing services ***

Managed services

nuutok allows you to manage multiple simultaneous services, in a lot less time

  • Main server licence
  • User licence
  • Virtual machine (VM)
  • Data and server hosting

More time, more recurring revenue, more satisfied customers with nuutok

With nuutok, regardless of their level of server expertise, IT professionals can now offer their customers the integration of their IT services into a smart private cloud deployed locally or remotely.

Upgrade to the Windows Server 2019 version in a flash!

Usual time without nuutok

3 hours installation

Time with nuutok

Automatic in 3 minutes

Discover 6 other services that allow you huge savings in time

Quickly and easily launch your favorite applications on your own nuutok servers using the nuutok Store.

  • Virtualization and decentralized private cloud
  • 10X accelerated business applications and simplified VM management
  • Centralized application management for multiple remote sites
  • Turnkey applications in a flash

Windows Server 2019






SAP Business One

Inventory Management


Accounting Software




Property management Software


Auto-repair Software

Posera (Maitre’D)















Bug Tracking





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