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nuutok Virtual Machine (VM)

nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud solutions

nuutok VMs are completely integrated into nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud solutions and environment. They are truly plug-and-play virtual machines that run most production operating systems: Windows, Linux, etc.

nuutok’s Smart Private Cloud solutions offer an integral experience to everyone using them: file sharing, virtual machines, point-in-time data recovery and backup, system recovery, mobility, secured networking, etc.

For those involved in supporting clients and users, nuutok offers a centralized VM image management to easily and safely deploy upgrades, carry out migrations, etc. via controlled rollouts, safety-net VMs, and other advanced tools. All of these come with capabilities for remote management, monitoring and alerting (push notifications).

In order to continuously evolve and maximize performances, nuutok VM uses open-source QEMU and KVM technologies, which sets the new standard for efficient architecture, reliability and hardware performance.

To make it even easier, your favorite server applications are packaged and readily available from the nuutok Store.

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