Plug-and play IT Infrastructure for machines

nuutok IoT platform 
for manufacturers

For businesses manufacturing machines that require monitoring and control (remotely or not), nuutok INFRA is the ideal platform. Because it can securely connect multiple mobile devices to multiple proprietary nuutok Smart Private Cloud servers in a complete distributed network, nuutok INFRA represents by far the best plug-and play and easily deployable IoT platform for any industrial manufacturer and its customers.

Industry 4.0 infrastructure

Industry 4.0 is the complete digitization of all of a company’s physical assets and the company’s integration into digital ecosystems with its value chain partners, from suppliers to customers.

It is achieved through combining advanced connectivity, data analytics, cloud computing, sensors, intelligent algorithms—and many more technologies—to transform your business and create value for all stakeholders.

With the next generation of the industrial revolution being triggered by the combination of emerging technologies, the impact that 5G has on Industry 4.0 will be unique. As a trend itself, 5G won’t redesign the production line; however it will enable new operating models. With network characteristics that are essential for manufacturing, 5G will give manufacturers the opportunity to build smart factories that can take advantage of emerging tech that is changing the industry.

Integrated edge 
private cloud infrastructure

With its entirely integrated edge private cloud infrastructure, nuutok provides an ideal platform to connect and support proprietary secure clouds, powerful data analytics servers, remote and mobile sensors, active AI, and so on.

Customers are demanding more—yet insisting on lower and lower prices. Digital technologies offer a means to meet these demands as well as a pave the way to new and potentially lucrative products and services. At the same time, industry heavyweights have already begun their digital transformation, adding pressure on others to keep pace.

The time for talk is over. The time for action is now.

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