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Immeubles Rochefort – Powered by nuutok since 2019

Les Immeubles Rochefort simplifies property management and improves both access and protection of their sensitive tenants-related data.

Since 1978, following the acquisition of a first building, Les Immeubles Rochefort has continuously grown their real estate portfolio, either by making new acquisitions or by improving buildings. The team maintains the buildings with care, continually improving them and keeping a standard of quality and modernity, all the while offering competitive prices. The diligent owners provide their tenants a great quality of life.

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Property management

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Québec City, Canada


Modernizing a property management IT infrastructure

As he does for his properties, Jean-Marc Rochefort, owner of Les Immeubles Rochefort, strives to keep his property management systems modern and operating at competitive costs. “Our Hopem property management software must run on a dedicated server. My main concern has been that tenant data would remain accessible to my staff and well protected,” explained Jean-Marc.

Jean-Marc Rochefort

Owner Les immeubles Rochefort | October 2019

“Our existing hardware was outdated and we needed better software performance.”


Benefitting from an on-premises nuutok All-in-One Private Cloud solution

In order to keep tenant data secure—all while managing properties—the control and protection offered by an on-premise nuutok All-in-One Private Cloud brings many benefits. “We are able to access our management software and data remotely and securely; with performances we have never seen before. Additionally, our team was impressed by the speed and ease of interacting with nuutok's support team,” said Jean-Marc.

The difference with the old system is night and day. According to Jean-Marc, "Our staff loves how intuitive and user-friendly it is.” Managing the properties remotely is much easier with a consolidated system, and being based on their private cloud gives Jean-Marc and his staff the advantage of managing his business from wherever they are.

Les Immeubles Rochefort improves operational efficiency and keeps their data safe with nuutok.

“We have been using nuutok for almost a year and couldn’t be happier. nuutok allows us to have access to our property management system at all times and not worry about losing important data on our clients. New features or adjustments are regularly added to enhance their software. Furthermore, we really appreciate nuutok listens to our suggestions.”

Jean-Marc Rochefort

Owner Les immeubles Rochefort | October 2019

Operational efficiency with data protection

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The Smart Private Cloud Solution

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