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Offering a distinctive video production experience through dedication, expertise and talent.

Established in Québec in 2006, P4É is a seasoned team of professionals with high-end facilities. The company carries out video and graphic animation projects.

From design to final delivery, P4É is the turnkey solution to bring customers’ ideas to life. The team pays particular attention to understanding clients’ vision, helping them define their message and target the proper audience with their media production.

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Video production agency (cooperative)

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nuutok Enterprise


Québec City, Canada


Provide local support and collective well-being with administrative efficiency and data privacy

In 2017, one of the founders, Francis Duperron, as well as members of the management committee, Julie Lemarié and Jean Philippe Vachon, were looking for ways to improve their operational efficiency, while ensuring their client data remained protected. “As we are often required to work away from the office, we needed a secure data storage solution that would make remote work and collaboration seamless,” explained Julie. With streamlined client data access, fewer manual tasks and better visibility of their business, they’d have more time for what they love best: creating videos.

Francis Duperron

Founder P4É | February 2019

“Most importantly, we invest back into our community, being strong advocates of fair working conditions for everyone.”


On-premises All-in-One Private Cloud solution with secure remote file sharing

With nuutok, the entire team can access their work files, client information, and business processes from the office or remotely, within the same system. They can also securely share files from any device when they need to. “When I am the road for a shoot, I can access all the details of the project from my cell. I no longer have to bother with paper documents that end up getting lost,” explained Jean-Philippe.

“We love the shared profit approach nuutok has with its network of resellers. To our knowledge, no one in their industry offers this much to local IT service providers that are on the front lines ensuring technical support to their clients,” added Francis.

With nuutok, P4É has a more optimal administrative structure, allowing them to fully unleash their creativity.

“In addition to allowing us to optimize our collaboration and our administrative performance in complete security, nuutok’s work values are aligned with ours. Their team is innovative, professional and they value their resellers and customers.”

Francis Duperron

Founder P4É | February 2019

Secure remote file sharing to unleash creativity

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The Smart Private Cloud Solution

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