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Arcotec knocks at the right door and chooses the perfect IT solution to continue its mission of delivering outstanding customer service.

Arcotec grew from one family’s love of customer satisfaction in 1999 and has been going strong since.

Manufacturing doors, frames and hardware for the entire Québec region, the business is a testament to owners Manon and Karine Drouin’s parents, Gilles and Hélène.

Business type

Doors, frames and hardware manufacturing

Products used

nuutok Enterprise


Québec City, Canada


Make IT infrastructure downtimes disappear while reducing IT service costs

“Our entire team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, serving top quality products with exceptionally short delivery times: we cannot afford any delay or downtime of our IT systems, as we run everything on it, from CRM, to design software, billing and so on,” explained Manon. “At Arcotec, our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.”

Manon Drouin

Owner Arcotec | Mars 2019

“On top of being an expensive system, our legacy IT infrastructure was continually running into reliability issues, adding to its overall ownership cost."


On-premises nuutok All-in-One Private Cloud solution to run all of their IT systems

With a nuutok Private Cloud server on premise, their software efficiency improved dramatically. As nuutok comes with an automated crash recovery server ready to take over if needed, their IT infrastructure is so much more efficient and reliable.

“With nuutok, reliability was night and day compared to the old system, IT issues just disappeared,” said Manon.

nuutok helps Arcotec focus on their customer experience

“We can finally rely on our IT to help us deliver on our customer promise. It’s no doubt the best money we have ever invested in IT."

Manon Drouin

Owner Arcotec | Mars 2019

Reliability for a better customer experience

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The Smart Private Cloud Solution

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