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Massicotte Groupe Financier excels in financial planning services with nuutok

For over 18 years, Massicotte Groupe Financier has been protecting and growing the heritage of a select clientele of physicians looking for excellence in financial planning, in accordance with the highest standards of risk management.

Founded by Nicolas Massicotte, his brother Alexandre later joined the group to lead operations. Alexandre joined the vision of the founder in supporting a business structure ensuring the highest service standards, aligned to the needs of demanding clientele.

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Financial planning services

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nuutok Enterprise


Québec City, Canada


Staying compliant and cost-effective

With the industry’s accelerated digital evolution and the resulting business process changes, financial planning service providers have had an ongoing struggle to stay both compliant and cost-effective. Adding to these operational challenges, Massicotte’s office is located within a commercial building where the IT network is provided and controlled by the landlord, with little flexibility and a limited Internet access. To ensure their clients’ data processing and storage were done in the most secure and efficient way possible, Alexandre was looking for a solution with encrypted data at the source, with a quick access for collaborative work and automatic backups on physical media.

Alexandre Massicotte

Vice President, Administration Massicotte Financial Group | August 2018

“Our starting conditions: encrypted data at the source, quick access for collaborative work and automatic backups on physical media. nuutok, a Québec company, is the only one to offer it all to us. Choosing nuutok Private Cloud was an excellent business decision.”


On-premise private cloud solution with full data encryption

For Massicotte Groupe Financier, choosing nuutok meant getting operations, compliance, time and money on their side. Business and client data are protected, archived and backed up at frequent intervals. “nuutok meets all of our data protection needs” said Alexandre.

“Because nuutok provides a secure access to our clients’ data from anywhere, just like we were in the office, we were able to carry out remote work seamlessly during the 2020 pandemic, even with the challenging conditions added by the very nature of our office IT network.”

We migrated applications and add functionalities, without affecting users

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The Smart Private Cloud Solution

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