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Certification MG provides exceptional accounting services for personal and business finances with nuutok

After 10 years of working for large accounting firms, Mathieu Guay decided to launch Certification MG with one goal in mind: assisting business owners and individuals in the pursuit of their financial success, by providing them with reliable and trustworthy financial services.

With a team of skilled accountants and bookkeepers, his accounting firm is recognized within the region for its exceptional work.

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Quebec City, Canada


Working remotely and securely—all while remaining cost-effective

Like most CPA firms, Certification MG needed to keep up with the latest technology to remain cost-effective. COVID-19 amplified the need for Mathieu and his employees to work remotely, while maintaining the same level of service and data privacy. Some of the challenges Mathieu faced include having a secure access to the clients’ data, as well as using the company’s accounting software. For Mathieu, the most important aspect is the protection of confidential data; “it is of the utmost importance for any CPA firm. Hence, the use of public cloud services such as Dropbox, Google, AWS was not an option for us, as they do not offer the required level of data privacy and control we require for our clients.”

Mathieu Guay

Owner, Certification MG Inc. | May 2020

“I have known the nuutok team and their solution for years, but we have always felt we were too busy at the office to prioritize the move to nuutok and set ourselves up for remote work. Truth is, we should have done it years ago. I can’t believe we’ve waited so long! The pandemic was quite an eye opener for us.”


On-premise private cloud solution to run their accounting software and use it remotely

With nuutok, Certification MG found exactly what they had been looking for: “nuutok combines the security, control, and performance of on-premise infrastructure, with the ease of usability of the public cloud” Mathieu explained. It took less than a day to setup Mathieu and his employees on their nuutok private cloud.

“And to top it all, we were able to reuse our existing server, converting it to our nuutok solution and saving even more money along the way! Now, that’s cost-effectiveness!”

We migrated applications and add functionalities, without affecting users

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