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The importance of MSP automation for operational efficiency

In today’s digital era, companies are betting on digital transformation to boost their growth and streamline their operations. This comes to no surprise when we consider all the benefits that businesses reap from digitizing their processes. In fact, businesses that want to stay afloat and stay ahead in today’s competitive markets are increasingly leveraging automation technology to increase productivity and operational efficiency.

The reality is that most companies have a lot of common tasks and processes, which consume an enormous (and unnecessary) amount of both technological and human resources. Unfortunately, companies that don’t recognize this problem incur these expenses on a regular basis, which affects their performance. But things don’t have to stay this way. If you look around, new solutions are constantly emerging. One common solution that targets this issue and that businesses benefit from is the incorporation of automation tools.

What is IT automation?

IT automation consists of leveraging systems and software solutions in order to reduce manual intervention and automate repetitive tasks and processes. It’s a powerful tool that allows businesses to reduce their costs significantly and scale their operations. It shifts the focus away from repetitive administrative tasks and redirects it towards strategy and key business operations.  

Thanks to IT automation, Managed Service Providers are able to scale more quickly, reduce errors and adapt to their stakeholders’ needs. Automation is a key strategy for IT teams that seek to improve the security, quality, speed and efficiency of their services.

Key benefits of IT automation

Why is MSP automation so important?

Until recently, Managed service providers (MSPs) had focused primarily on cyber security, remote services, network management, and other IT tasks. Automating these tasks allowed companies to lower their operating costs and focus on key aspects of their businesses. However, with digital transformation, clients’ needs have changed and cloud computing has evolved. 

MSPs now have to reinvent themselves and expand their service offering to include migration and management services for public and private clouds. MSPs that want to scale their businesses and remain competitive in the IT market have to adapt to their customers’ constantly evolving needs.

Now more than ever, companies are looking for service providers to help them develop native apps in the cloud or optimize their experience on cloud platforms. They are seeking expert advice to help them choose the best cloud architecture (private cloud solutions, etc.) in order to  manage their data in a secure and efficient way. 

MSPs can play a strategic role here by recommending the best provider according to their client’s needs. They are in an optimal position to help IT companies analyze their processes and identify the key areas that would benefit from new technological solutions. By recommending new technologies for process automation, MSPs and their clients both benefit from a greater ROI.

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Key ways MSPs benefit from IT process automation

MSPs have to be everywhere at once. They have to manage their customer’s IT infrastructures, monitor network security, solve technical issues, ensure business continuity, and much more. This can be overwhelming and affect the quality of their service. However, MSPs that take advantage of process automation are able to automate routine tasks, expand their service offerings and help clients improve their digital infrastructure.

Here are the main benefits of IT automation for MSPs:

With nuutok

Standardize service delivery

Automation helps you deliver the same high level of service to all customers, regardless of size or location.

Make sure repetitive but important work is done well

Automation removes the human factor so that activities like preventative maintenance run like clockwork, even for the most boring tasks.

Retain the best talent

The right technicians are hard to find and even more difficult to keep. Automation helps you do more with your existing technologies and makes them work on interesting tasks.

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