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COVID-19: Cybersecurity & the risks related to teleworking

One of the preventive measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus is social distancing, which for several companies requires adaptation to teleworking at home. However, moving quickly from an office workspace to a home office comes with its share of security challenges and risks.

The implementation of appropriate IT tools is necessary in order to avoid cybersecurity problems. With the rapid increase in remote work, there is an increase in coronavirus-related phishing attacks so watch out for phishing scams and emails in order to protect your work and private life.

Now more than ever, companies are starting to recognize the benefits of working from home, but they are also thinking about the risks associated with this practice. If you are in this situation, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we analyze the risks associated with telecommuting and we explore the best tips and strategies to apply.

What are the risks associated with teleworking?


It is impossible to ensure the physical security of a home office


It is impossible to ensure the security of the network used by employees working from home


Users (friends, family or strangers) can easily access a home or public network.


Data loss. It can be caused by a computer crash that could delete unsaved files, password theft or even theft of equipment.


Failure to properly set up access, authorization and authentication policies could lead employees to access resources they are not allowed to.

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Safety tips for people working from home during the pandemic


Have a secure Wi-Fi connection.


Check that your antivirus and security software (privacy tools, etc.) are up to date.


Set up a backup strategy for your data. All important files should be backed up regularly.


Install encryption tools to protect your files


Provide the necessary information to your employees (contact list, hours of service and emergency procedures).


Define an emergency procedure to follow in the event of a security problem


Set up authentication and secure session processes (encryption)


Provide virtual solutions to your customers and employees (electronic signature, virtual workflow, etc.)


Restrict access to sensitive systems


Ensure staff are aware of the dangers of opening links and downloading files of questionable origin, or replying to unsolicited messages.


Protect all business devices, including mobiles and laptops, with an anti-malware solution tailored to your business.


Establish a telework policy

Effective tools for telework during the pandemic

Providing the right tools for your employees will reduce the risks related to teleworking. These tools may vary depending on the nature of your business. Here are some examples of effective tools for remote work:


A virtual private network (VPN)

This tool ensures that network traffic is encrypted.


Integrated encryption

FileVault for Apple users and Bitlocker for Microsoft users. If you ever lose your hard drive or if it is stolen, this tool ensures that it will be more difficult to extract the data.


Password Manager

This tool helps users to generate and store secure passwords.


Integrated firewalls

Microsoft and Apple have firewalls that can be activated on their devices.


Smart private cloud

This automated tool is essential for the management, protection and backup of your data.

nuutok's secure telework solution

nuutok's smart private cloud solution allows you to work remotely with peace of mind. It integrates and automates the majority of the solutions mentioned above and offers many advantages:


Your data is protected against hackers as well as human errors.


One-click VPN configuration allows your company to extend its network and share documents in a completely secure way.


Your business applications are centralized in one place and accessible from home or the office.


Automated and secure synchronization of your data allowing quick and easy recovery during failures.


We monitor the health of your servers and PCs in real time.


A data backup of each users' PCs is available.


One-time business recovery and data recovery plan.


Sharing of centralized documents and files.


Automated Installation of apps like Windows 2019x Server.


Your passwords and data are encrypted.

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