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Best Gemba Walk apps for 2021

We often hear of Gemba Walk when talking about Lean Management. Put simply Gemba Walk is a field visit where managers go into the workplace to see and understand the real work process, ask questions and gain as much information as possible from the field to improve practices and processes.

Gemba Walks are essential for businesses that want to improve their performance and productivity. They rely on data collection in order to find issues and areas of improvement to foster a culture of continuous improvement.  

Due to their effectiveness, more and more Gemba Walk apps are seeing the day to streamline processes while allowing the businesses to develop and thrive. After some research, we share with you the best Gemba Walk apps for 2021.

Why is Gemba Walk important for businesses?

Implementing Gemba Walk as an activity is an essential step for any business that wishes to flourish and gain a competitive advantage. Gemba walks allow leaders and managers to, first of all, have a better understanding of the field, since they are actively involved in the process and become more familiar with specificities of the work area. 

Secondly, Gemba Walks improve the relationship between managers and employees. Workers not only appreciate the fact that their manager or leader is taking the time to visit the workplace but it’s also an opportunity for them to share their feedback and discuss ideas to improve processes. It’s important to pay special attention to what your employees are saying since they are best fitted to notice anomalies and have firsthand experience with the procedures. 

Lastly, the data collected during the gemba walk provides useful information to draw conclusions and follow up with concrete actions. This will help leaders reflect on work practices, see if they line up the official discourse and come up with adapted solutions. 

Essential features of a Gemba Walk app

In order for it to be efficient and generate improvement opportunities, a Gemba Walk app should have certain features to help managers and team leaders adhere to an efficient practice and achieve their strategic objectives.

Personalized gemba walk checklists

A Gemba Walk app should allow managers to build and customize validation checklists based on questions that will help identify and assess issues in the workplace. The questions are generally in relation with health and safety, productivity, quality control, etc. This can vary depending on the industry. The important thing is that you are able to personalize the check list in order to adapt it to your specific business model and make sure the Gemba walk is aligned with strategic management objectives.

Effective documentation of issues

A complete Gemba Walk app should enable relevant and effective documentation of the issues noticed on the walk. This can be done through taking pictures, notes, videos… and be sorted out in categories. A categorization feature allows better organization of priorities so that managers can plan how to address them effectively and quickly.

Connected problem-solving system

Upon detecting a problem during the walk, the app should be able to send them to a problem-solving ecosystem to generate action items and make sure the issues don’t go unattended or neglected. Ideally, the Gemba Walk app should enable managers to either solve this issue rapidly or transfer it to a specific department or level of management.

Connected improvement management tool

Another great feature is the ability to connect the Gemba Walk app to a continuous improvement management tool that can generate improvement ideas from recurring issues. By doing this, it reduces the need for transcriptions and increases efficiency since it is easier to prioritize projects and execute improvements quickly.

Dashboards and performance indicators

A feature key is the possibility to generate indicators to measure the quality of Gemba Walks. Team leaders can analyze the data they gathered to validate their performance and carry out corrective actions if needed.

Offline use

Not all companies dispose of a Wi-Fi connection in their factories or everywhere they operate. If the Gemba Walk is conducted in a place where there is no connection, the Gemba Walk app should still be able to function properly offline and be usable by managers everywhere they go with no limitations.

How frequently should you perform gemba walks?

Top Gemba Walk Apps for Businesses

Gemba walk app

The Gemba Walk app is a great solution to increase efficiency and reduce waste in the workplace. It’s a powerful application that helps you ensure continuous process improvement within your organization.

This solution can help you create custom checklists to validate and identify issues within work processes, as well as organize your gemba walks by classifying your lists according to your itinerary. It can also provide you with relevant documentation of your issues and generate actionable insights and ideas.What makes the Gemba Walk app one of a kind and the best in the market are its valuable features :


It gives you exhaustive reports


It integrates insights into your specific task management tools


It has a dashboard with performance indicators


It works both online and offline


It thoroughly documents issues by allowing users to take pictures and videos with the date and time of the issue


It allows you to identify people and processes better

Alpha software

Alpha Software is a Gemba walk app that accelerates the continuous improvement process with real-time data collection, photo capture, interview transcription and so on. The app comes with multi-level data, image and audio collection that allows managers to collect photos, notes, interview questions and location during their walk through the work field. It also offers checklist features and is perfectly usable offline to help you capture pictures, voice memos, signatures and gather data in remote locations.


Tervene created a gemba walk solution that helps you digitize your management system and increase best practices in the workplace. The app helps team leaders take control of their daily operations and achieve their objectives with standardized and systematic Gemba walks. It gives them the right tools to perform Gemba walks quickly and efficiently, get real-time visibility on issues and suggest solutions to solve them more efficiently.

Managers using Tervene can prepare their floor tour, proactively identify and address issues as well as keep track of every action to continuously improve performance and operational control. Tervene features include objective validation, quality assessment, waste tour, improvement opportunities identification, equipment validation and more.


Form is a mobile data collection platform that helps managers collect, share and report data from the work field with ease. It delivers visibility on work performance, digitizes inspections and checklists and transforms your business by empowering your field workers with dynamic mobile apps that they use to easily capture data wherever they go.

Managers and team leaders who use Form benefit from reduced bottlenecks in data collection, improved compliance, streamlined processes and happier, more efficient teams in the field.

Moreover, Form includes some key features when it comes to Gemba Walks like improving quality by ensuring continuous improvement through consistent measurement and analysis of data. As well as the ability to work in both online and offline environments.

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