The best tool for telecommuting

We offer the perfect solution for teleworking

Whatever your staff calls it, telecommuting, teleworking, working from home, e-commuting or if they simply call themselves “Nomad”, nuutok offers the perfect solution for your enterprise.

nuutok solution offers a fully automated remote access to all your employee’s devices, computers, laptops, and iOS or Android Mobile devices. With our technology, you can set up a workstation in less than 5 minutes.

Your employees can set up their workstation for telecommuting

No need to have an IT consultant to help your employees set up their laptops. With nuutok Private Cloud, everything is fully automated: data backup and recovery; remote access by mobile devices; installation and updates of software and virtual machines such as server applications (Microsoft Servers, accounting software, ERP, CAD, etc.) 

Allow the company to extend its corporate network to other sites and share documents in a secure way with nuutok’s integrated 1 click VPN configuration. All your data is encrypted for added security, and activation can be provided remotely.

Not only for teleworking but also in times of emergency

What would you do if your office was flooded or the victim of a fire? Would your data be protected? Where would your staff be relocated? How easy would it be to turn the switch back “on”?   With nuutok, not only is your data fully backed up in a remote location but your employees could be up and operating within minutes from their home or any other wifi location.

nuutok protects data from the elements, the vagaries of the cloud, poor storage practices and the risk of hacking.

Do you need a fast and secure remote work solution?

nuutok is the perfect answer for businesses and organizations.

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